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The 13 Things You Did At Outside Lands 2013

It was sensory overload this past weekend at Golden Gate park - full of hipsters, good food, great music, and an unforgettable time. If you missed out, here's what everyone did without you.

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1. First, you took your photo in front of the OSL wind mills.

Via Facebook

You probably did this early in the day, like these girls, to avoid the wasted face you were definitely wearing later that evening.

3. You made new friends, shared something illegal, and helped a brotha out. / Via Jeff Kravitz

Legal - shmegal! Get a bunch of music-loving-21st-century-hippies together and your faith in humanity will be restored.

6. Rocked your Heineken wristband in the DJ Dome...

...and everywhere else for three straight days because you didn't want to wait in line for an ID check again. Hey, you can take that off now.

8. Told someone, at some point, to come find you behind the speakers, in front of the lights, to the west of the stage, behind the guy with the Star Wars backpack.

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