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    11 Parody Stock Photos Show The Awkward Reality Of Being a Breastfeeding, Working Mom

    Ever notice that corporate stock photography always shows "working moms" smiling at their desks with their babies in their laps? One working mom shot a parody series of stock photos to show what it's really like to bring your baby's food source to work with you: awkward, embarrassing, hilarious, and sometimes borderline inhumane.

    You thought you were nailing your presentation on the latest sales numbers, but you were actually leaking breastmilk through your dress

    Way to close the deal, team! Uhhhh, what’s that in your hand, Cynthia?

    Dude, that’s not creamer

    Thanks for the “Lactation Suite,” Human Resources

    Trying to wash your pump parts in the sink is going to result in a “Whatcha got there, Elizabeth?” from Tim and Sheila in Accounting

    I love being away from my brand-new baby! Sure, I can work late again!

    It’s ok to cry over spilled milk – if it gets on your keyboard, just tell IT that it was coffee

    Your co-workers are kind of jerks

    Making your baby’s food in a bathroom isn’t gross at all

    Nothing says “I’m a pro” like spilling your breast pump parts all over the elevator lobby

    He shoots, he scores!

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