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    The Kylie Jenner Challenge: TOP 100 FAILS - BIG FAT LIPS Compilation

    2015 brought us a mob of less than smart and unforgiving beauty styles, plus movements, we unfortunately cannot take back. Perhaps even one day gracing Vh1’s I Love the… (Insert decade) series as a trending topic, these social hashtags will live on in infamy.

    From putting together Insta-pics of our ultimate #squadgoals to #manbuns, or conceivably the worst of them all, #KylieJennerChallenge. Although this past year people couldn't seem to decide which part of themselves they wanted to plump more- their lips or their butts. Between the media influence and power of the salaciously controversial half-sisters, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, a new "fresh-faced" selfie queen had emerged. Initially having us believe she excelled in applying her lip-liner to design her signature look, the youngest sibling (only 17 at the time) of the reality clan notably underwent filler treatments to give her pout the "right amount" of pucker. After receiving an abundance of mass attention, no one expected impressionable young girls to take matters into their own hands in the way that they did to artificially enhance their smooch.

    Selfie Sisters

    Highly qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gordon Kaplan is one of the many in his field recognizing DIY lips as major source of concern- especially in an industry which only thrives off expert techniques and proficient specialty procedures.

    There are a variety of injectables and fillers which may be used based on a client's customization, preferences and reasonable expectations. However, Dr. Kaplan reiterates the purpose is to improve facial harmony by restoring natural proportion, not just simply a tactic for making your lips huge. Not to mention the consequences should not be this alarming or extreme.

    Hyaluronic acid fillers can improve the appearance of your lips by adding:




    The effects typically last around six months. After that more injections are needed to keep the volume of your lips. There are several hyaluronic acid fillers on the market. Among them are these products:

    •Restylane, Restylane-L

    •Perlane, Perlane-L

    •Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra XC

    •Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

    •Belotero Balance

    The #KylieJennerChallenge spread faster than the famously popular and accredited deed of the #IceBucketChallenge. Despite medical advice, tweens and teens located the nearest shot glass, inserted their lips and sucked all of the air out of the glass. More and more adolescent ladies participated by filming themselves perform the challenge and posted photos of their results. Not only was this strategy of lip-plumping aesthetically displeasing, but it is exceptionally unhealthy and dangerous by any cosmetic standard. The pressure from the suction of the glass can cause an explosion type of a rupture leading to potential serious, painful and permanent injury- requiring stitches mixed with unsightly scarring and bruising.

    Watch and Learn

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    Kylie Jenner's dramatic modification to her appearance led girls who aren't fully physically or mentally developed make uninformed decisions. By following the ideals of filtered society held on a social media based lifestyle and platform, instead of following the aptitude and abilities of a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Kaplan, young women have put themselves at risk of altering their health and their beauty forever!

    At this rate, men and women have all fallen victim as they attempt to age and mature their look before their mind.

    "I'm like, 'Stop talking about my lips,'" Kylie told Britain's Grazia Daily. "I haven't had plastic surgery. I've never been under the knife. People flashback to pictures of me when I was 12 and say 'Kylie's so different' but how can I look the same from 12-18?"

    "The moral is that even Kylie isn't participating in the Kylie Jenner Challenge," the Inquisitr wrote. "So, what is everyone involved doing to themselves?"

    Should Kylie take ownership and be held responsible for the compilation of these epic fails or is that seemingly an unfair assessment?

    You be the judge. Xoxo

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