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    The Art Behind Aging Gracefully

    Ever muster up the courage to finally walk through the doors of a plastic surgeon's office, only to find a bunch of Picasso's hanging from the wall? Talk about a poor choice of aesthetics.

    Despite countless critics on the subject matter, plastic surgery is an art form. Top surgeons design, restore, sculpt, inject, fill, create and perfect beautiful masterpieces every single day. They transform the ordinary to the extraordinary, yet they don't always get perceived in that light.

    Aging is no different. There is a certain level of art in understanding how to age gracefully.

    Some authorities say the key to aging graciously includes accepting the natural changes and progression while finding meaningful activities to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

    While other experts may agree on some level, plastic surgeons understand they are leading the forefront in the industry of non-invasive techniques and formulated natural solutions available on the market to assist in the process.

    Much like the haves and the have nots, post 30 somethings are now struggling with the pressure of the idea behind the fountain of youth. Regardless, aging is an evolutionary certainty, so two different types of people tend to emerge: those who are aging and those who are aging gracefully.

    (Commonly referred to as the lucky ones who simply appear to be improving with each passing year like a fine wine, while some are just learning by trial and error.)

    But it isn't about aging better, it's about aging smarter.

    Dr. Monica Tadros MD, F.A.C.S. of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery specializes in anti-aging strategies, methods and procedural treatments. Dr. Tadros states, "Aging gracefully requires making choices that are right for you. We feel great when how we look on the outside reflects how we feel on the inside. It is a simple algorithm: Does how you look make you happy? If not, what would make you happy? It's important to know that you have choices and to make the choices that are right for you."

    Tadros continued, "Skin care and volume are paramount. There are countless non-surgical and invasive options available and that's the best place to begin. A good relationship with the right doctor will help you navigate through an overwhelming number of possibilities and/or alternatives to make informed choices that are right for you."

    The secret isn't necessarily in what they're doing. It's in what they aren't doing, or just by taking initiative. As life expectancy continues to increase, the burden to look and feel youthful grows rapid.

    Turn Back Time

    Tips To Avoid The Speed of Aging

    Do Not Wear Too Much Makeup

    Avoid a Salty Diet

    Say Goodbye to Stress & Negativity

    Don't Overdo it in front of the TV

    * May lead to social isolation

    * Inactive lifestyle

    * Self-confidence & self-esteem issues

    Excessive Sun Exposure

    Over Indulgent Vices

    * Alcohol

    * Cigarettes

    * Caffeine

    Bottom Line

    Plastic surgery is an art from any standpoint. Through creativity and the perspective of the "dream" or "ideal" facial contour and shape, imagination plus skill is what drives successful results.

    Like any artist, surgeons are limited by the medium in which they are given to work with, and in the case of human beings that is their underlying anatomy, as opposed to a blank canvas. What is more important is that the expectations of what is being desired can be achieved by said artists.

    If you are the kind of individual striving for unrealistic beauty and aesthetics, like a modern day Botox Bandit who can never seem to get enough, you may not be able to appreciate the artistry behind their hands and craft.

    Make sure that if and when you choose to go down the reverse journey to youth, you go to a top board-certified professional who also considers themselves as an artist, not just an injector. Otherwise, bangs are cheaper than Botox, remember that!