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    Who's More SELFISH? Men Vs. Women Selfies

    While women place heavy focus on a capturing a flawless face in their selfie, men concentrate on every contour of their body with a flash and a mirror. -And they will show anybody who is interested!!!

    Long Live The Selfie

    Kim Kardashian's Selfish is Dead.

    Her online selfies may go viral (Hence BabyBump 2015) within seconds of going live, but it seems that there are no takers for Kim Kardashian's Selfish, a collection of her favorite selfies compiled in a book. Kim Kardashian has managed to sell only 32,000 copies of the book and judging from the reviews, the buyers are not really drooling over her pictures.

    So does this mean that we are done with selfies? It can't be; just take a look at your Facebook wall and Instagram feeds and ponder over the figures for rhinoplasty surgery and gynecomastia treatment.

    Countless women are curious to learn about rhinoplasty procedures while lots of men ask, "How much does liposuction cost?"

    The Kardashian Inspired Selfie Culture Breakdown

    Kim K. had started a revolution that has now legions of ardent followers. According to the findings of a survey by HTC, the mobile phone manufacturer, 18-30-year-old women post an average of 1.6 selfies a week.

    But men in the same age bracket post an average of three selfies a week! About 20 percent of these snaps are of the chest and 17 percent are of the torso.

    Women tend to post more facial selfies—pouts, lips puckered up, sultry gazes, and Miley-styled tongue-flashing.

    So it is not just Justin Bieber who is flooding the Internet with his body selfies. Your co-worker, that guy at the coffee shop, or the busy executive is probably reading up on stomach liposuction right now before he launches himself on the Web.

    The Rise of Liposuction, Gynecomastia, and the Rhinoplasty Procedure

    Kim Kardashian's Selfish may not have raked up much in sales, but the cash registers are ringing in other quarters.

    According to a study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, gynecomastia in men and rhinoplasty surgery is on a steady rise. Ask any gynecomastia doctor or rhinoplasty specialist; they will tell you that most of their clients request these procedures because they are concerned over how they appear in selfies.

    Noses tend to appear bigger and flatter in close-up shots while the lines on the neck appear more pronounced. Photoshopping doesn't work always.

    So, women tend to go under the knife most for rhinoplasty surgery and neck jobs than any other correction or enhancement procedure. Flat abs and sculpted chests are desirable in men, which explain the plethora of torso and chest shots on the Web. This also explains why gynecomastia surgery and hi-def liposculpting are on the rise amongst men.

    How Liposuction and Rhinoplasty Surgery Heals Bruised Self-Esteem

    You either love Kim Kardashian, or you love to hate her. The selfie queen evokes powerful emotions. The selfie culture too, has its fierce loyalists and staunch detractors. But the irony is that though the critics equate the rise of the selfie culture with moral degradation, value erosion, and obsessive vanity, they too, post selfies!

    The answer is buried deep in our psyche, but LA talent agent Triana Lavey, who has spent $15,000 on corrective procedures, has summed it up aptly. According to Triana, her virtual self is just as important to her as her real self. So self-esteem is at the root of the increase in the number liposuction, rhinoplasty surgery, and gynecomastia procedures. We all want to look and feel good. The liposuction prices seem justified when the likes pour in after we post a selfie.

    Kim Kardashian's Selfish probably flopped because her fans didn't want to spend money on something that she dishes out liberally and free-of-cost on Instagram. But the obsession with selfies and the consequent rise in the number of gynecomastia treatment, liposuction, and rhinoplasty procedure lays bare the insecurities that many of us, both men and women, have with our appearances. The insecurities lie at a deeper level of the mind, but plastic surgery can certainly help to heal bruised self-esteems