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You Can Now Stay In A "Harry Potter"-Themed Hotel Room

Accio reservation.

Muggles (and wayward witches) rejoice! There's a new Harry Potter-themed hotel suite in London, where you can get a glimpse of wizarding life.

The Georgian House, located near London's Victoria Station, recently opened two Hogwarts-themed Wizarding Chambers.

The gothic-looking rooms are decked out with four-poster beds, spellbooks, cauldrons, potion bottles, and even school trunks.

Although the hotel designed the suite to attract families, Serena von der Heyde, a partner at the Georgian House, told The Independent that young couples who grew up with the series have been the ones to book the rooms.

Visiting Muggles who stay in the chambers also get access to the Muggle Tour of London, and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for The Making of Harry Potter.

Check out more about the rooms on the hotel's website here.