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24 Gifts For The Secret Stoner You Know

Get them all for less than an eighth.

1. This collapsable water pipe.

Put it in your pocket to toke on the go. Get it for $20 here.

2. This ingenious bracelet pipe.

This is what a real friendship bracelet looks like. Get it here for $19.

3. These candies that eliminate cotton mouth.

Also perfect for those brutal hangovers. Get them here.

4. This Stinky candle.

Perfect for the wannabe stoner or for covering the scent in a tricky way. Get it here for $10.

5. This Rubik's cube stash box.

Get it here for $18.

6. These High Times undies.

Shhh! No one has to know. Get them here for $8.50.

7. The iHit iPhone case with a secret one-hitter.

Subtle. Ish. Get it here for $20.

8. The wick light that makes organic hemp flames.

Even subtle smokers don't want to taste butane. Get it here for $8.

9. This portable water bong piece to use on any plastic bottle.

Watch the video to see how it works then get it here for $30.

10. This fully functional mouse with built in scale and stash box.

Get it here for $27.

11. This watch that's also a grinder and stash box.

Get it here for $40.

12. The 4:20 clock doesn't lie.

Get it here for $22.50.

13. The Smokebuddy that absorbs your second hand smoke on the go.

For when you don't want to hotbox. Get it here for $20.

14. These mini bottle bongs.

Jäger Bongs > Jäger Bombs. Get them here for $10.

15. This accurate lighter.

Get it here for $6.

16. These celebrity stoner buttons.

So they know they're in good company. Get them for $8 here.

17. These Blundt Cake holders.

Get it? Just tell your grandma they're maple-leaf shaped. Available for $12 here.

18. Odor and water-proof Doob Tubes.

Get them here for $1.49.

19. Magnetic Weed Word Poetry.

For that toke of inspiration. Get it here for $6.

20. This stash box shaped like a surge protector.

Not: not an actual surge protector. That would be dangerous. Get it here for $20.

21. A notebook for important ideas.

Get them here for $10.

22. This chef's guide.

By famed author S.T. Oner. Available for $15 here.

23. A THC molecule necklace.

Aroha Silhouettes / Via

Available for $50 here.

24. The pizza cone maker.

Obviously. $22 here.

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