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This Couple Just Had The Ultimate Geek Wedding

And we can't believe we weren't invited.

Kristin and Zachary got married in April and wanted to include all the things they loved in their ceremony.

And that means a lot of awesome geek-ery.

The bride's shoes were Mass Effect-themed and the groom's were Doctor Who.

There was a Star Wars guest book.

And they invited a ninja.

Which also made an appearance as their cake topper.

There was a Lego groom's cake.

And a Time Lord seal on the wine ceremony box.

Cards went into this Tardis box.

There was even a tribute to the Princess Bride.

Butterbeer was the signature drink.

And Yoda was master of ceremonies.

The favors of local honey even had a punny card.

The tables had lego models of Goomba, Question Box, Luigi, and more.

And, of course, the getaway car: Star Wars Rebellion.

Congratulations, nerds!

See more of this geeked-out ceremony over at Imgur.