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    18 Free And Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

    It doesn't cost anything to show how much you care.

    1. Make a Coupon Book (and honor it!)

    2. Make her a custom phone background with your face on it.

    3. Make her a Top 10 list.

    4. Wash her car.

    5. Make her a scrapbook of her life.

    6. Teach her something.

    7. Ask her to teach you something.

    8. Digitize her old photos.

    9. Give her the breakfast in bed she's always wanted.

    10. Do her favorite activity with her.

    11. Make her a playlist.

    12. Leave her alone.

    13. Cook or bake her something special.

    14. Add a personal label to a wine bottle.

    15. Make her an at-home spa kit.

    16. Make her a compliment jar.

    17. Do all her chores for her.

    18. Call her!

    We love you, moms!