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This Serial Monogamist Is Documenting Her Adventure To Go On 100 Dates

And you thought your dating life was exhausting.

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Elise Moreno has had a streak of back-to-back relationships. So she's given herself a personal challenge: Going on dates with 100 different people, and documenting the whole experience on Tumblr.

After a recent breakup, Moreno, a self-proclaimed "serial monogamist," realized she had never been on a real date as an adult.

The recent grad wanted to do something that would break her relationship habit and force her to meet new people, so she set a goal of going on 100 dates by the end of summer.

Through her Tumblr, 100 Dates of Summer, Moreno is documenting her foray into singledom, and has already received lots of attention for her honesty and humor.

While not every date is pictured on the site, and many are simply christened with descriptive nick-names, like Mr. Success and Casanovice, the blogger says she's open about the project with all of her prospective suitors.

"It’s actually the very first thing about me on my OkCupid profile" she wrote. "It helps that all of my dates know about it before hand, that way anyone who does not want to be included doesn’t have to be."

So far Moreno's been on some pretty cool dates, including a pop-up cocktails and drawing class with drinks and live models.

But not all of them were winners: one guy who was a "dating coach" took her to McDonald's (in Amsterdam) and ate all her food, and another invited his ex-girlfriend to meet up with them.

Moreno is open about her follow-ups, too, including those that don't end the way she'd like. Though she's open to second or third dates, she says they don't count toward the total 100.

And she hasn't let her travels abroad stifle her progress. Though she's based in San Francisco, she's taken the project with her to Amsterdam, Germany, and NYC.

Going to a date at midnight... Typical New York. #100dates #100dos #thepenrose

Elise Moreno@100DatesofSummr

Going to a date at midnight... Typical New York. #100dates #100dos #thepenrose

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On the blog, the twenty-something also speaks openly about how her experiences with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and coping with the recent loss of her father inspired her to start this project in the first place.

Twitter: @100DatesofSummr

"100 Dates of Summer is making me realize that there is no reason to settle for less than ideal," she said. "Hell, shoot for perfection. I’m going on dates with stellar dudes that I never thought would give me the time of day."

While it may seem similar to other digital dating projects, with a plot ripe for rom-com-ization, Moreno says ultimately this project is about encouraging herself and her readers to be more adventurous with themselves and with others.

"I'm hoping to inspire both men and women to put themselves out there," she told the Huffington Post.. "No games need to be played, you just need to be yourself and treat people like...people."