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This Smart Wine Rack Is About To Change Everything

Soon we'll all be broke and drunk.

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Poppy was introduced through Quirky, a company that lets users and amateur inventors submit product ideas.

The company works with the most popular designs to help inventors actually make and sell their products. They've been responsible for such innovations as a toothbrush that screws right onto your toothpaste tube, and a spritzer that you plug directly into your citrus.


The Poppy wireless rack would have pressure sensors to tell you which of your wines are gone and send you alerts about temperature changes in the room to keep your wine in the optimal condition, all accessible through an app.

Quirky already has a line of products in production from their Poppy line that will work with Amazon Dash, including a coffee maker and a pet feeder.

If the Poppy Reserve does become a reality, it could connect to your Amazon wine-buying profile to learn about your favorite brands and send them right to your door when you need them.


According to a representative from Quirky, the Poppy Wine Rack is still under the "expert review" stage of development, so we're not sure if or when it will be on the market.

Looks like we got a little too excited about wine on demand: The Poppy Reserve wine rack is still under review and isn't guaranteed to be produced or connected with Amazon. An earlier version of this post misstated it was "in production."