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This Guy Might Be The Coolest Stay-At-Home Dad Ever

A dad responds to negative comments about his parenting with some pretty awesome photos.

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But there's more to the story than just a really metal dad.

Brian Reda /

As a photographer, Reda says he's always looking for unique ways to visually communicate. "The photos prior to my first "Dad Life" image were cute and served the purpose of capturing him in all his infant glory," he told BuzzFeed.


Instead of taking photos of just his son, Reda says the hand gesture makes him part of the story, too.

Brian Reda /

"I know that sounds selfish, especially in our selfie-crazed culture, but the series is about our relationship. It's about us. It's about being father and son."


Check out more photos of Metal Dad Life on Imgur and on Reda's Instagram.
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