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This Guy Is Taking Hilariously Raunchy Photos Of Vintage Barbie

David Parise uses Photoshop and miniature sets to put vintage Barbies in some very compromising and colorful situations.

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Inspiration struck when artist David Parise was living in Miami and found a book on Barbie's 50th anniversary.

"When I saw the detail in the ['60s] clothes and the vintage looks, I thought how cool they would look by the Miami Art Deco Hotels," he told BuzzFeed Life.


Now, Parise lives in NYC and sells the photos in parks around the city.

David Parise / Via

"'Girls Smokin' by the Pool' has been my most popular photo for the last five years, but 'Girls Headstands' has now taken over," Parise said. "I believe I could run my business selling only one...that image!"