Paula Deen Made A Video To Promote Her New iPhone Game And It Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

    Someone gave her a whisk sword and it's not OK.

    If you've ever been on YouTube, you've probably seen the ubiquitous slowed-down videos of Paula Deen.

    First, let's look at some screenshots:

    And OMG so much cream.

    Who gave her a whisk saber?

    The eyes. So piercing. So large.

    Now, let's look at Paula in motion:

    When you whip an egg it turns into a ham??

    Then she gets up on the damn table with a HUGE rolling pin.

    And for a terrifying second, Paula interrupts a reflection of another Paula.

    Watch the video in its entirety here:

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    iTunes is unfortunately down, so we still don't know what the game is actually about. So for now, all we have is this haunting avatar: