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    Ringly Is The Smartest Ring You've Ever Seen

    This bluetooth-enabled bling will tell you when you have a text message or a phone call. The future is now.

    Wearable technology has come a long way in recent years, but nothing has been quite as simple or stylish as Ringly, a new cocktail ring that alerts you to messages and notifications from your phone.

    From FitBit to smart watches to Google Glass, companies from both the tech and fashion worlds have been trying to make wearable technology happen. The NYC-based Ringly was founded by eBay alum Christina Mercando, whose goal was to fit technology into an item that was actually stylish. It took seven different iterations before the company came up with the technology that was small and effective enough to fit into a ring that people would actually wear.

    Using Bluetooth LE-technology, Ringly connects to your phone and sends you customized notifications through vibration and light.

    The Ringly app, available for iOS and Android, will let you choose which notifications you want to receive. It'll also let you decide how you want to receive them — from emails to texts to tinder matches to tweets and phone calls. With four different vibration patterns and lights, you can control the frequency and type of notification and customize for each person, like flashing blue for a message from your roommate or red for your significant other.

    According to Mercando, the goal of this product and other similar technologies is be able to put your phone away, while still getting the messages and alerts that you think are important.

    And while some argue that the whole point of putting your phone away is to not get notifications, the customization aspect of this device might make it a more useful tool than just a vibrate setting on the phone itself. You may not want to get an Instagram alert during a dinner with friends, but you may want to get a call from your kids or spouse.

    Ringly’s first collection has four semi-precious stone options and is matted with 18K gold.

    The rings are available for pre-order for $145 to $180 and will run at $195 to $260 retail. While these are clearly meant for a more feminine set and the pre-order only comes in ring sizes 6, 7, or 8, the company says they want to use the technology they developed with this first product in other wearable designs in the future.

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