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Diabetic Miss America Contestant Sent An Inspiring Message By Wearing An Insulin Pump On Her Bikini

Her Facebook picture is inspiring others in the diabetes community, who started the hashtag #showmeyourpump.

Sierra Sandison, the winner of the Miss Idaho 2014 pageant, isn't the first Miss America contestant to use an insulin pump. But she is the first to proudly display it during the bikini competition.

"The media often tells us this lie: if your appearance deviates in any way from cover girls, movie stars, super models, etc., it is a flaw and something is wrong with you," Sandison wrote on her blog.

You're amazing, @sierra_anne93! Thanks for being such an inspiration! #showmeyourpump

#showmeyourpump He is Mehmet Ali. 14 years old. He uses insulin pen. We take a photo for you @sierra_anne93

My teen proudly showing her pump @sierra_anne93 #showmeyourpump Thanks for empowering others to do the same

@sierra_anne93 Showing my insulin pump without shame, at a formal dinner. #diabetes #type1 #showmeyourpump

The support Miss Idaho is getting isn't limited to the diabetes community. NPR even noticed that this move is part of a growing trend of medical device-wearing pride, from hearing aids to feeding tubes to prosthetics and canes.

Read more about Miss Idaho and her platform here and here and follow the hashtag #showmeyourpump here.