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28 Reasons Mellow Mushroom Is The Only Pizza Place You'll Ever Need

Imma let you finish, Pizza Hut, but Mellow Mushroom's got this.

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1. This Southern chain is not just a pizza joint.

2. It's a safe space for pizza lovers.

3. And calzone lovers.

Lookin' at you, Ben Wyatt.

4. And people who like trippy weird art.

5. Their vegan pizza puts any regular pizza to shame.

Stacks on stacks of veggies.

6. They found a way to make cucumbers actually delicious.

7. Their hummus is the best and most on-point hummus of all time.

8. Even their salads come fully loaded.

9. Sometimes they even put salad on a pizza!

10. All their pizzas are named after hippie puns.

11. And so are their desserts.

Meet Half Baked, the best brownie sundae you'll ever have the munchies for.

12. Even their theme is a pun...

13. ...their pizza is stone-baked and their theme is "stoner"!

14. Their decor is just plain crazy.

Yes, that is a chandelier made of lava lamps.

15. It almost makes you feel like you're actually tripping.

16. If you have to join a club, it might as well be a beer club.

17. And OMG do they like their beer.

18. The Paddle of Destiny is not for the weak.

It has every single beer they have on tap served from a paddle. Lightweights beware.
Flickr: megangoodchild

It has every single beer they have on tap served from a paddle. Lightweights beware.

19. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, your pretzel will come out looking like a beer stein.

20. Or a dinosaur.

And it will be the best dinosaur you've ever eaten.

21. Their mascot is some kind of stoned mushroom and it is hilarious.

22. His name is Mel, natch.

Mel O. Mushroom.

24. The store's first website was made by the same guys who did Homestar Runner.



25. Does California Pizza Kitchen have a table that has its own beer tap on top of it?

No. No, they don't.
Aaron Bristol / Facebook: MellowMushroomSouthMiami

No. No, they don't.

26. Does Domino's have splatter art of Colonel Sanders?

Highly doubt it.

27. Does Pizza Hut have this much chill?

Not a chance.

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