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Mary-Kate Olsen's Wedding Decor Was Just Bowls Of Cigarettes

But we have some better ideas.

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This little tidbit leads to many questions...

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Was it bowls of NEW cigarettes or butts? American Spirits or Camels? How many bowls is "multiple bowls"? Crystal or china? Haven't they seen all those weird Truth commercials about how cigarettes aren't super healthy? Also, why?

Just for the record, here are some other things we'd rather have bowls of at any wedding:

Bowls of comfortable dancing shoes

Bowls of songs that aren't coordinated dance numbers that everyone that except you knows

Bowls of other tiny bowls

Bowls of cake that you don't have to wait until the end of the night to eat

Bowls of Zantac

Bowls of Adeles


Bowls of the good wine

Bowls of just red Starbursts

Bowls of just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms

Bowls of those wipes that get wine off your teeth

Bowls of airplane bottles for the ride home

Bowls of Alka-Seltzer, let's be real

Bowls of incense to hide the smell of other people smoking

Bowls of phone chargers

Bowls of money to reimburse you for your plane ticket/bridesmaid dress

Bowls of actual bowls (of weed, not tobacco — come on)

Bowls of Trader Joe's free samples

Bowls of tissues for when you're crying, I'm not crying

Bowls of permission to send all the drunk texts you shouldn't


Bowls of hot single people who only want to dance and make out and then that's it, that's the end

Bowls of answers to why you're so single

Bowls of flattering selfie light

Bowls of puppies

Bowls of condoms

Bowls of hourglasses counting down until the day you die