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    Martha Stewart Doesn't Want You To Know She Had Terry Richardson Over For Thanksgiving

    The felonious media mogul and the alleged sexual offender took a photo together that @MarthaStewart48 later deleted.

    Martha Stewart took to Instagram on Friday to upload pictures of the Thanksgiving dinner she hosted at her 153-acre Westchester farm.

    The festivities also included several famous photographers, among them accused sexual-offender Terry Richardson.

    According to a spokesperson for Porter Magazine, the two met for the first time this year when Richardson photographed Stewart for this spread.

    Immediately after the Thanksgiving photo was posted, followers responded with comments about their disappointment.

    Within a day, the photo and all mention of Richardson was removed from Stewart's Instagram and Twitter accounts.

    A representative for Martha Stewart told BuzzFeed Life they have no comment on the photo or its removal.

    Screen caps via Jezebel and Daily Mail.