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JCPenney Takes On Body Image With Mannequins Inspired By Actual Human Bodies

As part of a new campaign the retailer is displaying plus-sized, double amputee and other uniquely modeled mannequins at a Manhattan store.

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This month, as part of their "When It Fits, You Feel It" campaign, the JCPenney store in the Manhattan Mall near Harold Square is displaying five mannequins that were modeled after real people.

Jason DeCrow / Invision for JCPenney / AP Images

The unique mannequins are based on five real people: Dawna Callahan, who uses a wheelchair due to incomplete paralysis; Neil Duncan, a former Army paratrooper who lost parts of both of his legs; Ricardo Gil, who has dwarfism; Desiree Hunter, a 6-foot-tall basketball player; and Beth Ridgeway, a mom who is plus-size.

The mannequins were originally designed by a Denver-based custom mannequin company for a Today show campaign called "Love Your Selfie."

Jason DeCrow / Invision for JCPenney / AP Images

Debra Berman, senior vice president of marketing at JCPenney, said they felt like using the mannequins was "a great opportunity to really make sure we were helping showcase the important subject of body image."

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