29 Insanely Cool Backyard Furniture DIYs

    Take summer lounging to a whole new level.

    1. This Amazing Aluminum Chair

    2. This Incredible Hammock Chair

    3. These Adorable "Toadstools"

    See how to make them here.

    4. This Genius Rolling Cooler

    5. This Recycled Rug Ottoman

    6. This Terra Cotta Table

    7. This Easy Wire Table

    8. This Succulent Pallet Table

    9. Or This Version With a Cooler

    10. These Old Chairs with a New Look

    11. This Chic See-Through Pallet Table

    12. This Simple Summer Hammock

    13. Or This Two-Tone Version

    14. This Cozy Bench

    15. This Concrete Side Table

    16. This Whimsical Stump Table

    17. This Adorable Animal Side Table

    18. These Hand-Painted Chair Cushions

    19. This Recycled Tire Table

    20. These Cool Portable Milk Crate Stools

    21. This Updated Patio Table

    22. This Dreamy Day Bed

    23. This Organic Birch Lounger

    24. These Fenced-In Log Benches

    25. This Awesome Outdoor Bar Cart

    26. This Cool Metal Crate Bench

    27. This Concrete Chair Planter

    28. These Stylish and Sentimental Side Tables

    29. This Awesome Outdoor Rug

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