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    29 Insanely Cool Backyard Furniture DIYs

    Take summer lounging to a whole new level.

    Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    1. This Amazing Aluminum Chair

    You can use this tutorial to easily makeover lawn furniture you already have. Check it out here.

    2. This Incredible Hammock Chair

    Step 1: Get porch. Step 2: Make Hammock. Step 3: Never leave. Get the full directions here.

    3. These Adorable "Toadstools"

    See how to make them here.

    4. This Genius Rolling Cooler

    We may not have thought of it, but we're definitely going to make one. Directions here.

    5. This Recycled Rug Ottoman

    Directions here.

    6. This Terra Cotta Table

    7. This Easy Wire Table

    8. This Succulent Pallet Table

    Because you can never have too many succulents. Tutorial here.

    9. Or This Version With a Cooler

    Learn how to make it here.

    10. These Old Chairs with a New Look

    Just make sure to use spray paint suited for plastic. Valspar, Krylon and Rust-Oleum all have good versions. Check out a good instructional video here.

    11. This Chic See-Through Pallet Table

    Directions here.

    12. This Simple Summer Hammock

    Directions here.

    13. Or This Two-Tone Version

    This one is a little more time-consuming. Directions here.

    14. This Cozy Bench

    15. This Concrete Side Table

    Doubles as a planter. Get the DIY here.

    16. This Whimsical Stump Table

    Directions here.

    17. This Adorable Animal Side Table

    Get the directions here.

    18. These Hand-Painted Chair Cushions

    19. This Recycled Tire Table

    20. These Cool Portable Milk Crate Stools

    Perfect for picnics, the beach or just loungin' in your own backyard. Get the directions here.

    21. This Updated Patio Table

    Give an old umbrella table some love with this cool patterned re-cover idea. Get the directions here.

    22. This Dreamy Day Bed

    23. This Organic Birch Lounger

    You will need some power tools for this one. Full instructions here.

    24. These Fenced-In Log Benches

    Designer Rebecca Cole made all this furniture in one day using fences, logs and a cent top. See more here.

    25. This Awesome Outdoor Bar Cart

    Directions here.

    26. This Cool Metal Crate Bench

    27. This Concrete Chair Planter

    It might not be comfy, but it's definitely cool. See how they did it here.

    28. These Stylish and Sentimental Side Tables

    This blogger made them with wood flooring from her great-great-grandmother's home! See how she did it and read her story here.

    29. This Awesome Outdoor Rug

    Using masking tape and spray paint, you can update any old rug to go outdoors. See instructions here.

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