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    This Might Be The Easiest Way To Stay Cool This Summer

    Two designers have come up with a simply cool and cooly simple idea to beat the heat.

    Feeling hot? Summer melting your cool? Well have no fear!

    The designers over at Mathery have come up with a simple solution to cool you down:

    Ice jewelry!

    The duo just froze a portion of chain in each ice cube section and voila!

    You could do it with any jewelry, but make sure to do it with something you don't mind getting rusty. If you don't have any chains that would work, try a piece of embroidery thread or yarn for a colorful touch.

    It might not work for every day, but it's perfect for hiking or a day at the beach.

    Designers Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli started the blog project in 2010 while they were in design school.

    The idea was to take objects in their immediate vicinity and reuse them to make something tangible and useful.

    They created more than 100 simple, genius inventions, like this oven that uses the heat of your computer.

    And this backpack made from a recycled grocery bag.

    And this rain hood made from a plastic folder, for when you forget your umbrella.

    The duo now have their own design studio based in Melbourne and document some of their newest creative ideas on Instagram.

    To see all of their everyday inventions, check out the full blog here.