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How To Get The Classic And Clean Look For Less Than $250

Update your post-college pad.

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1. Ali Underwater Poster, $6

One easy way to make your dorm-style posters look instantly adult is to put them in a frame. Poster frames are usually cheap at art and craft supply stores like Michaels.

2. Wheatgrass, ~$7

If you don't want to keep a real plant alive, this kind of faux potted plant is great to add a little color to your room. Put it up on a dresser or on a windowsill and no one will be the wiser.

3. Table Lamp, $23

Ceiling fan lights are the worst. Add a little low-lighting with this simple ceramic light.


4. Rug, $40

Is that grass? No! It's a rug! And you need one. Trust. It will make your room seem cleaner and cozier.

5. Duvet Cover, $60

Plaid is rad. And you can also mix and match plaid sheets with this duvet cover so you always have ~clean~ ones.

6. PS 2012 Side Table, $30

Every one needs a nightstand. But you can use other things, like this side table, that also work for extra storage.

7. iPhone Alarm Dock, $40

If you must use your phone as your alarm (hello, everyone under 30), this cool dock will at least make it look like a real clock.

Some other great resources for the Classic and Clean:

Room and Board is a great ~higher-end~ resource for classic and modern furniture.

If you're not quite ready to commit to expensive things, the Ikea PS collections (2012 & 2014) have some great options.

If you want a big rug for a small space, FLOR is a great place to look. They're tiles, so it's like making a giant rug puzzle.

Seriously, putting ANYTHING in a frame is a trick to making your place look instantly more expensive.