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How To Fix A Guy's Room In 10 Days

For less than $250 we made over a recent college grad's pad. See the before and after, then take our quiz to learn how to give your own space a refresh.

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Austin is a very cool dude (and a reporter at BuzzFeed!), but he's moved around so much that his NYC apartment wasn't quite finished (or furnished at all!). So we decided to give him some help.


The Problem: Austin didn't have any furniture or anything on the walls.

Jessica Probus for BuzzFeed

Like many young professionals, Austin has moved around NYC a lot since he graduated and he never really settled down. But now that he's in a place he wants to stay for a while, he needed help making his room seem a little less like a cell.

With a few days and less than $250 (not including the bed), we brought in a few things that every post-college room needs:

1. Wall decor, $15

2. A colorful poster, $15

3. A snake plant, $3

4. A cool lamp, $40

5. Duvet cover, $29

6. Makeshift nightstand, $15

7. Retro clock, $13

8. Rug, $36


Do you know someone who needs a little room refresh? Is it you? Take our handy Home Style Quiz to see how to help.