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    How Paint Colors Can Actually Change Your Life

    A small paint color change can make a huge difference in your space.

    Since she was 3 years old, color psychic and medium Linda Lauren has had a special relationship with colors.

    For a couple's bedroom, you want harmony and romance.

    For a family room or living room, you want a sense of community and laughter.

    In a kitchen, you want to encourage health and growth.

    Yellows and greens in a child's room foster healthy emotional growth.

    In a home office, greens and grays foster creative and financial prosperity.

    In a single person's bedroom, blues and greens provide calmness.

    In a space shared with roommates, tans and browns allow for reason and communication.

    Overall, the colors in your home should speak in harmony to each other.

    If you want to have your own consultation with Linda, visit her website here.