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Kim And Kanye Went To Waffle House With Chrissy Teigen And John Legend

Kim, Kanye, Chrissy, and John are just like us! In terms of liking waffles.

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First, we're going to need a song:

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This is the story of a couple of couples, just some regular down home folks who needed a late-night snack.

They've all just been to a very regular Super Bowl party in Phoenix and are so darn hungry.

What did they order? Maybe some hashbrowns, smothered, covered and capped.

Maybe a bottomless coffee and grits for Chrissy. Some smiley-face chocolate chip pancakes for Kanye. A Texas melt on rye for John. And Kim, Kim will have the Toddle House omelette with raisin toast. Hold the raisins.

And all that for only $12.35 plus tax! So cheap! So normal!

Don't forget the traditional waffle dance!