21 Reasons Frumpterable Is Actually The New Black

Move over normcore. There’s a new style in town and it’s dangerously cozy.

Once upon a time, “Frumpy” was a negative term used to describe someone who was unfashionable, wearing ill-fitting clothes or just considered unattractive.

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A “frump” was usually a woman. A “frump” was someone who didn’t know how to dress well or just didn’t pay much attention to their appearance.




It’s time to take back frumpy, and for good reason: IT’S FREAKING COMFORTABLE. Behold, the dawn of frumpterable. It’s fashion-forward, it’s flattering for everyone, and it’s not going anywhere.

Here are 21 reasons why frumpterable is a style that’s here to stay.

1. Frumpterable looks are everywhere this year. From Milan…

Missoni / Via

…to Madewell.

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From Bloggers…

2. It’s not just about super expensive sweatpants.

Because you don’t have to spend $842 to be frumpterable.

3. Frumpterable is about dressing in what feels good.

4. Frumpterable is not about hiding your body.

5. Frumpterable is about being in your body and knowing what it needs.

Sometimes, it needs to be cozy.

6. Celebrities have been getting frumpterable for years.

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7. Dudes have always been allowed to be frumpterable.

But for them it was just called relaxed.

8. Frumpterable looks awesome on all body types.

Because it’s about YOU finding the clothes that YOU feel comfortable in.

9. And frumpterable works for all ages.


10. There are many types of frumpterable…

High Fashion Frumpterable

School Teacher Frumpterable

Warm Winter Frumpterable

Man Repelling Frumpterable

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Entertainment

Even Lisa Frank Frumpterable

11. Frumpterable is not about being lazy or wearing pajamas to work.

It’s about consciously choosing to dress in what is comfortable for you.

12. Loose layers are frumpterable.

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

13. Soft fabrics are frumpterable.

14. Comfy shoes are frumpterable.

15. Oversized sweaters are frumpterable.

16. Scarves are frumpterable.

17. Matching separates are frumpterable.

18. Getting frumpterable is easy:

Step 1: if it’s comfortable, put it on. See how good that feels? And you look fantastic.

19. Plus, it’s super fun to say. Say it with me…

20. So frump it up. Frump up the jam. Get frumpterable.

21. Listen to Mary Lambert

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