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25 Free Apps That Are Making The World A Better Place

Change the world with just one click.

1. Feedie turns #foodporn into lunches for kids.

2. Donate a Photo gives $1 for every photo you share via their free app.

Save the Children teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to create this app where your photo shares equal donations. You can donate up to one photo a day, and they will never be used for commercial purposes. Available for iPhone.

3. HTC Power to Give lets you donate your phone's spare computing power for scientific research.

By downloading the app, plugging in your Android phone and connecting to Wi-Fi, your phone's spare computing power becomes part of a huge grid that provides power to a scientific project of your choice, like researching cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, or understanding climate change, or searching for extra-terrestrial life. More info here.

4. Charity Miles donates money to your favorite charity for every mile you walk, run or bike.

By tracking your progress and donating for each mile, this free app allows you to make every step count. Once you pick your charity and upload your results to social media, Charity Miles will donate 10 cents per mile for biking and 25 cents per mile for walkers and runners. Available for iPhone and Android.

5. GoodGuide helps you find healthy, socially responsible products while you shop.

The app’s barcode scanning feature lets you quickly access GoodGuide’s science-based health, environment and social ratings for over 170,000 products available in the U.S. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

6. Check In For Good is like FourSquare where each check-in raises money.

7. iRecycle is an easy-to-use app that tells you how and where to recycle anything.

Available for Android here.

8. Seafood Watch helps you find ocean-friendly fish at grocery stores and restaurants near you.

Started by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, this app helps consumers and restaurants make responsible and informed choices about their seafood purchases. The database lists fish that are caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways and if those aren't available, they will suggest good alternatives. Available for iPhone and Android.

9. My Life As a Refugee is a game designed to spread awareness about refugee issues worldwide.

In the time it takes to download this game, eight people are forced to flee their homes because of war, persecution, or terror. This game designed by the UN Refugee Agency aims to raise awareness about these issues. Available on Android and iPhone.

10. One Today shows you a new cause every day where you can donate or match friends' donations.

Run by Google, this app is an easy way to learn about and contribute to causes from all over the world. Available on Google Play and iTunes.

11. Budge Challenge turns friendly bets into charitable giving.

Whether it's a silly bet or a real game of chess, Budge lets you create challenges between friends where the loser has to donate to charity. It's basically a win-win. Available for iPhone here.

12. Instead is a micro-donation app that shows you what you can donate by giving up everyday luxuries.

Available for iPhones here.

13. FoodCircles is like Groupon, but with a charity-donation twist.

14. True Food lets you check foods for genetically modified ingredients.

Available for iPhone and Android.

15. Link-SF is a mobile site that helps those who need it find housing, food and medical attention.

16. Volunteer Match is a location-based app that shows you nearby volunteer opportunities.

Currently available for iPhones, this app curates over 97,000 organizations to help you find the volunteer opportunity that's right for you. More info here.

17. Get Rich or Die Smoking shows you how much money you save for quitting smoking.

This app is designed to help people quit smoking by offering rewards, showing the health benefits and the cost incentives for quitting. Available for Android.

18. Save the Children Earthquake Response is a simulation game that spreads awareness about disaster relief.

19. Tree Planet 2 is a virtual game that pays for a real tree to be planted for each game version.

20. DonorReminder is a simple app that lets regular blood donors track their giving schedule.

Available for iPhone.

21. SeeClickFix lets citizens report, track and discuss municipal issues in their neighborhood.

22. PaperKarma lets you scan junk mail and unsubscribes you from that mailing list for good.

Available for iPhone and Android, this app helps save millions of pounds of paper by eliminating junk mail.

23. Free2Work allows you to scan barcodes and get info on that company's history of forced and child labor.

24. HelpBridge lets users send messages to emergency contacts and browse volunteer opportunities during crisis situations.

The HelpBridge app from Microsoft aims to simplify disaster communication by notifying loved ones of your location and status during a disaster. You can also donate to relief organizations and see where volunteers are needed. Available for Windows, iPhone and Android. More info here.

25. Acts of Kindness suggests small things you can do every day to make a positive difference.

Available from iTunes.