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    Flash Tats Are Going To Be Your New Favorite Accessory

    Temporary ink, permanent swag.

    Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo, but thought there wasn't quite enough *bling* about them?

    Well, you're in luck!

    There's a new product called Flash Tattoos, temporary tattoos inspired by jewelry.

    Perfect for people who lose their jewelry, or just find the stuff annoying.

    (But they still want to be decked out in gold.)

    Flash Tats come in sheets that are themed, and each one comes with several different styles.

    Including bangles, cuffs, necklaces, bracelets, or rings.

    Designs range from $20 to 30 and they can last for up to six days.

    And although the manufacturer says they are designed for beach and festival-wear, they also caution that the tattoos will come off if you apply sunscreen, lotion, soap or anything oily.

    Luckily there are some designs that would work for any climate, while still making sure your skin is protected.

    So go ahead. Get your bling on.