29 Things That Will Basically Clean For You

Cleaning shouldn't take so much effort. Or, like, any.

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6. This smart trash can that does (almost) everything for you.

It's got a hands-free motion-sensored opening, is Wi-Fi connected to send you alerts when it's trash day and when you're almost out of bags...

13. These Stomp 'N Go carpet cleaning pads.

For when you're too lazy to even bend over. The Bissel brand is sold out, but Woolite carries a similar product. Get them here.

24. This toothbrush that screws onto the toothpaste tube.

Just squeeze 'n' go. Sadly, Quirky stopped selling their members' inventions but you can find tooth brushes pre-loaded with toothpaste here.

28. A body dryer.

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For when lifting a towel is just TOO MUCH. Get it here.