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29 Things That Will Basically Clean For You

Cleaning shouldn't take so much effort. Or, like, any.

1. A one-step cleaner for your cutlery.

2. This remote-controlled mop.

3. Or this "Microfiber Hop Ball" that dusts as it goes.

4. The dustpan that combs out your broom.

5. This soap dispenser that you don't even have to lift.

6. This smart trash can that does (almost) everything for you.

...and there's a tiny vacuum on the bottom so you'll never need a dustpan again.

7. Or this cheaper one that lets you have bags always ready.

8. This onesie that turns your baby into a mop.

9. Or these clean-as-you-go slippers.

10. This dog soap that comes preloaded into a sponge.

Get it here.

11. This window-cleaning robot.

12. And this tiny robot to clean your phone.

13. These Stomp 'N Go carpet cleaning pads.

For when you're too lazy to even bend over. The Bissel brand is sold out, but Woolite carries a similar product. Get them here.

14. This doormat that absorbs mud.

15. This phone case that cleans your camera every time you open it.

16. This self-cleaning toilet brush.

You still have to clean the toilet, but you don't have to clean the toilet brush. Get it here.

17. This keyboard-cleaning putty.

18. This magnetic spot scrubber.

19. This one-swipe cleaner for your specs.

Clean both sides at once. Get it here.

20. These gas stove covers.

21. This microfiber tie.

22. Or this blanket that also cleans.

23. This magic wand that kills germs.

24. This toothbrush that screws onto the toothpaste tube.

25. Or this custom 3D-printed toothbrush that cleans your whole mouth in six seconds.

26. This corn silk cleaner.

27. These Spaghetti Scrubs that don't even need soap.

28. A body dryer.

View this video on YouTube


For when lifting a towel is just TOO MUCH. Get it here.

29. This DIY bidet wand.

Or there's always this technique:

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