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    32 Cheap Luxuries That Will Make You Feel Totally Rich

    No one ever said we'll never feel like royals.

    1. Having Fresh Flowers

    2. This $11 Italian Showerhead

    3. Buying New Socks

    4. Splurging on a Fancy Cuppa

    5. Buying a New Toothbrush

    6. Adding a Water Filter to Your Shower

    7. Getting Bulk Candy

    8. Putting Your Kitchen Sponge in This Holder

    9. Using Cloth Napkins

    Even leftovers will feel like a five-star affair if you replace paper towels with cloth napkins. Bonus points if you fold them into something fancy. Learn how here.

    10. Leaving an Extra-Big Tip

    11. Scoring a Last-Minute Theater Ticket

    12. Saying "Yes" to a $1 Donation

    13. Getting Something Tailored

    14. Having Fresh Berries

    15. Using Fancy Salon Hair Products

    16. Getting a Manicure

    17. Buying a Travel-Sized Bottle of Your Favorite Lotion

    18. Getting Your Shoes Shined

    19. Ordering Dessert

    20. Springing for a Fun-cercize Class

    21. Putting Your Bath Products in Pretty Matching Bottles

    22. Getting Something Monogrammed

    23. Giving Someone a "Just Because" Gift

    24. Getting a Blowout

    25. Using a Sharp Knife

    26. Carrying Disposable Screen Cleaning Wipes

    27. Subscribing to a Monthly Gift Box

    For $10–20 you can get exciting gifts delivered to you or someone you love. It's like having a birthday every month. There are subscriptions for any interest, from beauty to snacks to cycling to socks.

    28. Wearing Fancy Underwear

    29. Ordering an Overpriced Glass of Wine

    30. Buying an Actual Magazine

    31. Using a Pretty Tea Cup/Coffee Mug

    32. Having Soft Toilet Paper