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32 Cheap Luxuries That Will Make You Feel Totally Rich

No one ever said we'll never feel like royals.

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1. Having Fresh Flowers


There's no better way to brighten up your home than by adding a few colorful blooms. Even a cheap $5 bunch goes a long way. Spread the cheer by splitting up a bouquet and putting some in each room.

2. This $11 Italian Showerhead

People who have this showerhead LOVE it. One person bought two so they can take it with them when they travel. For less than the price of lunch, this baby will turn shoddy water pressure into a spa-like experience. Get it here.


3. Buying New Socks


They will be soft. They will both match. They will be clean. Studies show that changing into fresh socks in the middle of the day can be zen-like and stress-reducing.

4. Splurging on a Fancy Cuppa


It feels more extravagant to get one $5 extra-cream-jumbo-mocha Latte every so often than a basic $3 cup of joe every day. You can make up for it by BYOing for the rest of the week. Go grande or go home.

5. Buying a New Toothbrush

Even better — buy a pretty one. This company makes one that's a three-in-one deal: Biodegradable bamboo brushes are better for the environment, good for your oral health, and for each one you purchase, they donate one to a child in need.

6. Adding a Water Filter to Your Shower

Even if you live in a city with good water, this will make it better. Softer skin and hair, plus less buildup which means less cleaning. All for <$25. Get it here.


8. Putting Your Kitchen Sponge in This Holder

No more soggy sponge, hidden somewhere under three weeks worth of crusty pans. No more mildew. You might still be washing your own dishes, but nothing will transform the experience like this inexpensive and genius invention. Get one here.

10. Leaving an Extra-Big Tip


Give your Barista an extra couple bucks for making your mornings bearable. Or leave an extra fiver on your dinner tip. In the grand scheme of things it's a cheap way to brighten both your and your server's day.

11. Scoring a Last-Minute Theater Ticket

Nothing says "bourgeois" like listening to a lady in a ball gown sing loudly in a language you don't understand. Many theaters and opera houses have day-of or "rush" tickets for productions that are steeply discounted.

12. Saying "Yes" to a $1 Donation

We're programmed to say "no" to any additional purchase when we're standing in line, but saying "yes" to a small charitable donation can actually make you feel like you're splurging on something that matters.


13. Getting Something Tailored

You might not have a couturier on speed dial but you can get that custom-fit feeling for way less than you might think. Dry cleaners and tailors will often take up hems or take in coats or shirts for $10 or $15.

14. Having Fresh Berries

Out-of-season fruit can be hella expensive. Downright criminal, even. But in the middle of winter, when everything including your food starts to look that same sad brown color, having a box of bright colorful berries all to yourself is totally worth spending out on.

15. Using Fancy Salon Hair Products

Most hair-care products are supposed to be used in tiny doses, so a $20–30 investment can make you and your hair feel fancy-schmancy for a long time.

16. Getting a Manicure

Noble men and women have been getting manicures for over 5,000 years. But this luxurious status symbol has come a long way from the Ming Dynasty days of solid-gold nail clippers. Splurging on a cheap manicure will make you feel like a true royal.

17. Buying a Travel-Sized Bottle of Your Favorite Lotion

Keep it in your backpack or purse and you can have never-worked-a-day-in-your-life hands anytime you want. Plus, they're so cuuuuuttte.


18. Getting Your Shoes Shined

Most department stores, like Nordstrom, actually have in-store shoeshine departments. You could also buy some $5 shoe polish and DIY for an even cheaper splurge. Go ahead, kick up your heels.

19. Ordering Dessert

Give yourself permission for a final course when you're eating out. Better yet — eat dinner at home and go out just for dessert. You'll feel like a million bucks for (slightly) less than a million calories.

20. Springing for a Fun-cercize Class

From SoulCycling to sword fighting to trampoline jumping, there are some crazy ways to get in shape. Investing in a trial class for something exciting is a better splurge than that cheap gym membership that never gets used.


23. Giving Someone a "Just Because" Gift

Kristen Duke / / Via

Channel Daddy Warbucks, without the war. Give someone you know a gift just because. For just a few bucks you can brighten someone's day.

24. Getting a Blowout

Larry Busacca/Staff / Getty Images

Nothing says royal treatment like someone else washing your hair for you. A simple blowout can be had for around $25–30. Treat yourself.

25. Using a Sharp Knife

One good sharp knife is better than a whole block of dull ones. You can get good quality blades for less than $25 here. Or, if you're brave, get a knife-sharpener and never have a dull blade again.

30. Buying an Actual Magazine

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images News

In the digital age, buying printed magazines and newspapers feels like a thing of the past. But getting a hard copy version of your favorite publication can also feel like a treat.

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