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    25 Awesomely Creative Ways To Use A Bar Cart

    They're not just for parties anymore.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Use it in the kitchen or dining room as a coffee cart.

    Victoria Smith /

    Also great for trendy office spaces.

    2. Wheel one into the bedroom for serving brunch.

    See how they made this one here.

    3. Use it in the kitchen or dining room for storing dishes.

    4. Use it in the office to hold your printer.

    Because printers are so annoying to store.

    5. Use it to store all your office supplies.

    6. Make one into a glamorous beauty or nail cart.

    7. Use one as a kitchen cart to store small appliances and cookbooks.

    8. Use a pretty one in the bathroom to store extra towels.

    9. Laminate the top of one with patterned contact paper to make it waterproof for bathroom storage.

    10. Use one to corral arts and crafts supplies in any room.

    11. Turn one into a jewelry display.

    12. Use a glamorous bar cart as a nightstand.

    13. Use one for a seasonal display of plants and festive decor.

    14. Turn one into a bookshelf with coffee table books and objets d'art.

    15. Use one as an outdoor potting station.

    16. Use one in the kitchen as an open pantry.

    17. Use one outside to store pool towels and summer drinks.

    See how to make this one here.

    18. Use it to hold festive party supplies in any room.

    Chelsey Mass /

    Perfect for surprises. Just wheel the party on in!

    19. Use a bar cart as a plant stand.

    20. Make a curtain for the bottom tier to hide unsightly kitchen necessities.

    See how here.

    21. Turn one into a dessert display or food buffet.

    Perfect for wheelin' in the final course.

    22. Use one in a dorm or teen's room as a makeshift bookshelf.

    23. Fill one with baby supplies for handy access in the nursery.

    24. Make one into a movie night popcorn station.

    25. Use it to store fruit.

    Probably not ALL pineapples though. Especially if they're not even cut...but you do you.