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49 Americans Who Love Their Country More Than You

These tattoos don't run.

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1. Some patriots show their love for their country with the classic American Flag.


#murrica today's triumph #tattoo


8. Or the flag and these highly American frog bones.

9. Or the flag and these bone scissors.

10. For some, the Bald Eagle is the ultimate representation of American pride.

11. Some hardcore freedom fighters have both.

15. Some people have tiny reminders of their American heritage.


And of course, my #PatrioticTattoo #ILoveAmericaSoMuch #merica #MadeInTheUSA


And of course, my #PatrioticTattoo #ILoveAmericaSoMuch #merica #MadeInTheUSA

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19. For some, Uncle Sam is the ultimate American symbol.

24. For others, it's the Muppet version.

25. Some patriots pay tribute to important events in 'Merican history.

30. Pin-Up versions of the Statue of Liberty are one way to show your spirit.

35. And another way is scary, zombie versions.

37. Some Americans get tattoos of important American landmarks and institutions...

43. And Tattoos and Burgers and Beer

Tattoos on a tattoo! So meta.

45. And This Distinctly American Combo

47. Some people use their patriotism as a cover up for previous mistakes.

48. Some patriots are not fucking around.

49. And this Proud American, who has a Ronald Reagan with wings tattoo, loves America the most.


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