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38 Insanely Adorable Ideas For Your Maternity Photo Shoot

It's a girl! It's a boy! It's a photo shoot!

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1. Spell it out.

5. Play with light and shadow.

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8. Try a cool silhouette pose.


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10. Bring a book along.

11. Use a globe for a sweet adoption pose.

12. Or this tiny chair.

From yesterday's maternity adoption shoot with my dear friends Sarah & Nick:

diana vermeulen@MoxieDiana

From yesterday's maternity adoption shoot with my dear friends Sarah & Nick:

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13. Try this seasonal shot.

Whose pumpkin is bigger?
Krystal Mullenburg /

Whose pumpkin is bigger?

14. Heed these accurate signs.


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17. Announce your baby's name with blocks.

18. Or, give them just a hint.

Candyce Carpenter Photography

19. Or, keep everyone guessing.

20. Give an nod to the adorable laundry you'll be doing soon.

21. Have the older sibling co-star in the reveal.


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23. Include the whole family.

24. Let the baby clothes speak for you.

25. Include baby (and mommy's) best friend.

26. Everyone loves tiny shoes!

28. Make a whole timeline of shoes.

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29. Show off your growing team spirit.

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30. Include your cravings.

Nutella is actually pretty photogenic.

31. Stay stylish.

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't look fancy.


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33. Engage your super powers.

Blue Cricket Productions / Flickr: 57678914@N00 / Via Facebook: Blue-Cricket-Productions

34. Play with camera focus.

Jonny Carroll /


Jonny Carroll /


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38. Show off your sense of humor.