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    38 Insanely Adorable Ideas For Your Maternity Photo Shoot

    It's a girl! It's a boy! It's a photo shoot!

    1. Spell it out.

    3. Show off your sonogram.

    5. Play with light and shadow.


    8. Try a cool silhouette pose.


    10. Bring a book along.

    11. Use a globe for a sweet adoption pose.

    12. Or this tiny chair.

    From yesterday's maternity adoption shoot with my dear friends Sarah & Nick:

    13. Try this seasonal shot.

    14. Heed these accurate signs.



    17. Announce your baby's name with blocks.

    18. Or, give them just a hint.

    19. Or, keep everyone guessing.

    20. Give an nod to the adorable laundry you'll be doing soon.

    21. Have the older sibling co-star in the reveal.


    23. Include the whole family.

    24. Let the baby clothes speak for you.

    25. Include baby (and mommy's) best friend.

    26. Everyone loves tiny shoes!

    28. Make a whole timeline of shoes.

    29. Show off your growing team spirit.

    30. Include your cravings.

    Nutella is actually pretty photogenic.

    31. Stay stylish.


    33. Engage your super powers.

    34. Play with camera focus.


    36. Pose in uniform.


    38. Show off your sense of humor.

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