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42 Disney Reaction Gifs For Any Situation

Disney is always there when you need it.

1. When your BFF cancels plans with you to go on a date.

2. When you get home and take off your pants.

3. When you're eating Doritos.

4. When you said you were up but then your mom comes in.

5. When you see your first real paycheck.

6. When you see a cute person at the gym.

7. When someone asks what you're doing after graduation.

8. When your boyfriend comes over.

9. When you're waiting for your friend to get dressed so you can go to brunch.

10. When you get to McDonalds in time for breakfast.

11. When you're at the library to study but you see your friend.

12. When you hear Scandal will be on hiatus until January.

13. When you've had your first coffee of the day.

14. When you look at your texts from the night before.

15. When you're in bed before ten.

16. When your brunch finally comes.

17. When you send someone a casual text and they respond with a dick pic.

18. When you're trying to pay attention in class but you're hungover.

19. When you ask if you can share your roommate's food and they say no.

20. When your friend is already drunk before you leave the house.

21. When you think you left your straightener on.

22. When you look really great and then you go outside.

23. When you're trying to pretend you're not the one who farted.

24. When someone tries to leave the bar early.

25. When you get home and your roommates aren't there.

26. When your friend says she finally broke up with that awful dude.

27. When you try that Pinterest hair tutorial.

28. When you're reading profiles on OKCupid.

29. When your food comes but you've been eating all the free bread.

30. When your crush faves your tweet.

31. When you actually have a good comeback.

32. When you're trying to talk to your crush.

33. When you look at your bank account balance.

34. When you see how much of your paycheck went to taxes.

35. When you get to a bar and happy hour just ended.

36. When you accidentally like someone's Instagram from 37 weeks ago.

37. When someone tries to talk to you while you're watching the Food Network.

38. When someone texts you at 8 a.m.

39. When someone gets in the 10-Items-or-less line with a full cart.

40. When your sister steals your clothes.

41. When you see your ex's new bae on Facebook.

42. When Beyonce comes on but you're in CVS.