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37 Insanely Creative Things To Do With Popped Corks

Wino forever.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Make coasters.

Get the directions here.

2. Make 3D letters.

3. Make DIY heel stays.

Directions here.

4. Make Fishing Bobbers

All you need is a cork and some nail polish. See how here.

5. Make a state-shaped cork board.

See more here.

6. Make wine glass labels.

7. Make place card holders.

Directions here.

8. Upgrade your cheese knives.

Get the instructions here.

9. Make a new bath mat.

See how here.

10. Craft a wreath.

11. DIY a necklace or hair clip.

See how here.

12. Make new drawer pulls.

Instructions here.

13. Make labels for your plants.

Full instructions here.

14. Make commemorative key chains.

15. Fill up your votives.

Directions here.

16. Make a trivet.

Instructions here.

17. Update your coffee table.

See how here.

18. Plant some tiny succulents.

Directions here.

19. Organize your jewelry.

Directions here.

20. Keep your chips closed.

Directions here.

21. Make some 3D ombre wall art.

Directions here.

22. Make some outdoor stools.

Cover a cheap stool or bucket with corks. Or but this one here.

23. Make a secret USB.

See how here.

24. Make a shabby chic chandelier.

Directions here.

25. Steady your wobbly furniture.

26. Dress up your lampshade.

Directions here.

27. Make some vases.

28. Make glitter wine stoppers.

29. Create a cork journal.

30. Make these adorable baby cork animals.

Directions here.

31. Create tiny sailors.

32. Make these pin cushions.

Get the instructions here.

33. Craft some easy stamps.

34. Make an animal sculpture.

35. Make them into candles.

See how to do it here.

36. Make spools for twine or string.

Instructions here.

37. Make fire starters.

See how here.

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