26 Insanely Adventurous Home Design Ideas That Just Might Work

    Go big or go (to a boring) home.

    1. Make your stairs pop.

    2. Add GLITTER to your walls.

    This adds some really cool texture and sparkle to your paint. Check out this post and see how it looks here. This looks super cute as an accent wall in a kids room, too.

    3. Make your whole room ombre.

    4. Make a copper headboard.

    5. Make an entire living wall.

    6. Turn your backsplash into a Disco Ball.

    7. Replace your grass with creeping thyme.

    8. Paint your radiator and pipes a SUPER bright accent color.

    9. Turn your banister into a play-able harp.

    See how them made it here.

    10. Make a rainbow stained-glass door.

    11. Paint your siding a rainbow hue.

    12. Upholster your door.

    13. Get this color-in wallpaper (and then actually color it in!)

    14. Really go crazy with wallpaper.

    15. Be honest with your decor.

    16. Be really honest.

    17. This is a safe space.

    18. Make your whole room into a chalkboard.

    19. Try mis-matched tile.

    20. Make a wine cork wall.

    21. Hide yo kids, hide yo bathroom.

    22. Use actual pennies as penny tiles to cover furniture.

    23. Paint a faux rug on your porch with bright fun colors.

    24. Or make a perma-runner by painting your hardwood.

    25. Make a glitter floor.

    26. Stripe your floor.

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