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22 Charitable Companies That Actually Give Back

These companies follow the TOMS model to donate a product to someone in need for every product you purchase.

1. Project 7

Project 7 sells gum, snacks, bottled water and clothing. For each product purchased they make a corresponding donations for things like fruit trees, meals, digging wells, and providing education. Products are available in many retail stores, as well as on their website.

2. Skyline Socks

Skyline sells socks with the skylines of major American cities. For each pair purchased, a pair of socks will be donated to someone in that same city. See them all here.


Probably the most well known of the one-for-one companies, TOMS has expanded beyond their classic canvas shoe model to sell boots, eyeglasses and more, all with their one-for-one donation match. Products are sold in many stores, as well as online.

4. Better World Books

For every book purchased on their site, Better World Books donates one to Books for Africa or Feed the Children. See more here.

5. Warby Parker

For every pair of glasses purchased from Warby Parker, the company donates the equivilent of a pair of glasses to non-profits throughout the world, as well as the training for locals to give eye exams. Learn more here.

6. Yoobi

Yoobi sells colorful school and office supplies, and donates the same number of supplies purchased to U.S. schools in need. See all their products here.

7. Figs

As part of their Threads for Threads program, Figs will donate a pair of scrubs to a healthcare provider in a developing country for every pair purchased on their site.

8. The Company Store

For every comforter purchased from The Company Store, they will donate one comforter to a homeless child in the U.S. See more here.

9. Out of Print

Out of Print clothing, which sells T-shirts and apparel printed with covers of classic literature, donates one book to Books for Africa for every product purchased. Products are available at many bookstores, as well as their website.

10. Hand in Hand

For every bar or bottle of soap purchased, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and a month of clean water to a child in need. Read more here.

11. Faucet Face

For each of their glass water bottles purchased, Faucet Face donates the profit from the sale as well as a water filter to the clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA). See the full story here.

12. 2 Degrees

For every two snack bars purchased from 2 Degrees, they provide a meal to a child in need. Bars are available at many retail locations as well as online.

13. Twice as Warm

For every winter clothing item purchased from Twice as Warm, one is donated to a local shelter. See more here.

14. Baby Teresa

For each baby outfit purchased on Baby Teresa, an outfit is donated to another child. The company also donates a portion of their accessories sales to provide baby formula in orphanages. See more here.

15. Panda

Panda sells bamboo sunglasses and proceed from each purchase provide an eye exam and prescription glasses for school-aged children through the Optometry Giving Sight organization. See more here.

16. Smile Squared

For each toothbrush purchased from Smile Squared, the company will donate one to a child in need. Smile Squared brushes can be purchased in many stores and online here.

17. Roma

For each pair of Roma boots you purchase, they will donate a pair filled with school supplies to a child in need. See more here.

18. Good Spread

For every packet or jar of peanut butter purchased from Good Spread, the company donates an equivalent amount of "therapeutic food" to a malnourished child. See more about them here.

19. BoGo Bowl

BoGo Bowl sells a wide variety of dog food, and donates a bag to shelter animals for each bag purchased. See more here.

20. One World Play Project

For each ball purchased from the One World Play Project, a ball will be given to disadvantaged youth in communities worldwide. See more here.

21. People Water

For each reusable water bottle purchased, People Water donated the equivalent amount of water. See more here.

22. WeWood

WeWood plants a tree for every wood watch purchased. See more here.