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    Posted on Dec 26, 2014

    21 Mason Jar Tattoos That Are Surprisingly Awesome

    Pinterest is a flat circle.

    1. This black and white stuffed jar.

    2. This elegant version.

    3. This one, which some sweet sweet advice.

    4. This delicate vase jar.

    5. This space jam jar.

    6. This optimistic jar.

    7. This one, which is probably full of hooch.

    8. This neon number

    9. This booty-licious jar.

    10. This amazing 3D jar in classic blue.

    11. This floral version.

    12. This itty bitty teeny jar.

    13. This organ-ized one.

    14. This hardcore commitment to home made.

    15. This veggie-lovers delight.

    16. This Pinterest-worthy table scape, in tattoo form.

    17. This one, which contains multitudes.

    18. This one, which is not wrong.

    19. This abstract starry night jar.

    20. This dark, broody fire fly haven.

    21. And this one, with so much win.

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