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    19 Ways To Take Your Top Knot Game To The Next Level

    Top that.

    1. Back-comb for maximum volume.

    2. Add a messy braid for a little casual glamour.

    3. Add some hair chalk.

    4. Do an upside-down Dutch braid.

    5. Use a secret sock bun for more volume.

    6. Keep it loose and loopy.

    7. Curl it first for an easier twist.

    8. Criss-cross curly hair to keep it full.

    9. Tie it up with a scarf.

    10. Combine it with a French roll.

    11. Wrap a tiny adorable braid around it.

    12. Start it with a French braid.

    13. Or try a multi-braided version.

    14. Tease it out for maximum staying power.

    15. Keep it sleek and architectural with hair serum.

    16. Add bangs for a pixie-perfect look.

    17. Try a thick braid before securing the bun for this multi-level beauty.

    18. Twist your pony in two parts before pinning it up.

    19. Go wild with color and braids for this truly next-level knot.