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    19 Ways To Take Your Top Knot Game To The Next Level

    Top that.

    1. Back-comb for maximum volume.

    Instructions here.

    2. Add a messy braid for a little casual glamour.

    Instructions here.

    3. Add some hair chalk.

    Directions here.

    4. Do an upside-down Dutch braid.

    Get the directions here.

    5. Use a secret sock bun for more volume.

    Directions here.

    6. Keep it loose and loopy.

    Perfect for people with thin hair. Get the instructions here.

    7. Curl it first for an easier twist.

    From The Beauty Department. Full instructions here.

    8. Criss-cross curly hair to keep it full.

    Full instructions here.

    9. Tie it up with a scarf.

    Tutorial here.

    10. Combine it with a French roll.

    See the tutorial here.

    11. Wrap a tiny adorable braid around it.

    Watch the instructional video here.

    12. Start it with a French braid.

    Works even when your hair is still wet! Directions here.

    13. Or try a multi-braided version.

    14. Tease it out for maximum staying power.

    Directions here.

    15. Keep it sleek and architectural with hair serum.

    Directions here.

    16. Add bangs for a pixie-perfect look.

    17. Try a thick braid before securing the bun for this multi-level beauty.

    18. Twist your pony in two parts before pinning it up.

    Full tutorial here.

    19. Go wild with color and braids for this truly next-level knot.