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18 Life-Saving Beauty Tips For When You’re Totally Hungover

You definitely didn't wake up like this. But nobody has to know that.

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1. Take precautionary measures before going to bed.

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If you already know tomorrow’s going to be a rough morning, do future you a favor: have at least one glass of water to prevent dehydration, wash your makeup off and sleep with your head propped up on an extra pillow. This will help eliminate eye puffiness.

2. Use a toothbrush to get rid of red wine mouth.

Just get the toothbrush wet, and rub it on your teeth and lips to get rid of the dry red stains. If you’re thinking ahead, you can also prevent the problem by wearing chap stick, lipgloss or a wine-colored lipstick. See how here.


6. Rub a dryer sheet over your hair to get rid of odors and frizz.

This quick step will get out any lingering odors from your night on the town. And it’s a perfect post-dry shampoo step to get rid of frizz. See more here.


7. A half-up half-down hairdo is like a mini facelift.

Plus it’s flattering on almost every face shape and works with any hair length. If you have super short hair, use barrettes to pull back a bit on each side. Full directions for this bow version here.

8. Bright lipstick will make you look and feel more put together. / Via

There’s no better way to make yourself look like you’re ready for the day than a bright fun lip color. It will trick people into thinking you spent a lot of time getting ready and distract them from other things you overlooked.

9. Morning meditation can reduce stress and get you feeling more rested.


In just 20 minutes of meditation, your body and mind can get rid of some of the physical and mental stress that’s making you look and feel tired by mimicking the effects of deep rest. Learn more here.


11. Use a cold spoon to get rid of under eye bags.

A chilled spoon pressed lightly under your eyes will restrict blood vessels and reduce puffiness to minimize the look of haven’t-slept-a-wink bags. This trick works with anything that’s cold, like a bag of peas or a super cold cucumber slice.

13. Apply a mineral face mist for hydration.

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Either mineral water or a lightly-scented rosewater spray is the perfect way to make your face get the actual moisture it needs and look morning-ready. Learn how to DIY one here.

14. Ditch the coffee for water and fruit.


If you can survive a few hours without your java fix, hydration and the sugars from fruit will make you look and feel much better than adding caffeine to an already brutal hangover. An even better option is coconut water, which contains the perfect mix of hydration and electrolytes.


15. Use concealer to contour and brighten your face.

Add a light brightening concealer to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your t-zone to make yourself look totally rested. See how this beauty blogger does it here.

16. Pop a mint to make your brain and body more alert.

Mint, whether it’s a candy mint or a mint-infused moisturizer or soap, makes your brain and skin more alert and awake feeling. Learn how to make your own mint aloe lotion here.

17. Aspirin is a secret beauty weapon that reduces inflammation.

That aspirin you just took for your hangover headache will actually work to reduce the inflammation of your skin and make you look as good as you’ll feel (as soon as it starts working, anyway). You can also make an easy DIY aspirin mask to reduce acne and redness. Directions here.