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13 Things That Happen When Your Sister Borrows Your Clothes

Sharing genes > sharing jeans.

Having a sister is awesome!

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It's like having an entire second wardrobe!

But some things always go wrong.

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1. She always wants to borrow your newest favorite thing.

2. But when she gets something new, she'll make you wait a year before you can borrow it.

3. She will make fun of you for buying something and then immediately steal it to wear.

"A fedora AND a romper? Hahaha. You'll never pull that off." [*swipe*]
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"A fedora AND a romper? Hahaha. You'll never pull that off." [*swipe*]

4. When you ask for something back, she'll always say she "lost" it. Then she'll wear it the next week. / Via Giphy

5. She somehow manages to stretch everything out. Even if she's smaller than you.

Arm holes. They're only for arms.

Arm holes. They're only for arms.

6. When someone compliments your clothes when she wear them, shey'll always take the credit.

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But she's quick to accept the compliment when someone compliments you wearing her clothes.

7. When you ask for clothes back that she hasn't even worn, she somehow manages to insult them. / Via Giphy

"I wouldn't have worn that anyway."

8. She somehow always steals the exact thing you were planning on wearing. / Via Giphy

It's like a horrible magic sister power.

9. There are always mysterious stains that she *insists* were there before she borrowed them.

Yeah, right.
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Yeah, right.

10. When she takes something you never wear and makes it work, you get serious outfit FOMO.

11. When she lends your clothes to her friends, you know you'll never see them again.

12. Worst of all, whenever she wears your clothes they somehow look so much better on her.

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George De Sota / Getty

13. Eventually, you realize she'll always be your BFF and no article of clothing could come between you. / Via

LYLAS. (Now give me back my shoes.)

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