10 Things You Could Do With Your Instagrams But Probably Won’t

Smell-o-grams are the future. For some reason.

1. Print them on your sneakers.

Starting in August you’ll be able to print your Instagrams on Adidas’ most popular sneaker models. For some reason.

2. Make them into a Monopoly board.

With this new feature from Hasbro, you can print stickers of your Instagram and Facebook photos to customize your game pieces and properties. #TBT is the new Reading Railroad.

3. Put them on your nails.

This is a Kickstarter-funded project to turn your Instagram photos into nail stickers.

4. Have them made into a bamboo shadow box.

For $20-$30, Hatchcraft will build you a sustainable bamboo shadow box with your photo mounted inside.

5. Order a tiny tiny custom projector and project them on the wall.

Projecteo, another successful Kickstarter Instagram monster, will print you a custom projector wheel with your photos on them that you can then project onto the wall or, presumably, onto your own body if you want to really go all the way.

6. Wear them on your wrist.

This Etsy store will make you a giant resin bangle out of your photos.

7. Tile your bathroom with them.

Imagesnap makes custom-printed tiles, from 2” to 12”. You could, conceivably, tile your whole bathroom floor with them. But would you want to?

8. Sleep on them.

Stitchtagram lets you print your own face on a pillow or blanket. Cuddle up with your selfie.

9. Print them on a T-shirt.

Let's get meta #ryangosling #macaulayculkin #shirt #pizzaunderground #mug

— pizza underground (@cheesedayz)

10. Tag your photos with smells.

The oPhone, which is still in development, would allow you to send over 300,000 “aromatic attachments” via a special app. That way you’ll have to smell your friend’s weird lunch, not just look at it.

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