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21 Food Pictures That Will Make You Say "Oh, Weird"


1. This bread that's sold without crust.

2. This one really long marshmallow.

3. And this extra-long Cheerio.

4. This tomato that got a crack and stitched itself.

5. This Goldfish coral reef.

6. This hamburger wrapper that's made from the same paper as Orbit gum wrappers.

7. This grape Powerade that turns green when you freeze it.

8. A pepper that looks like a fist.

9. This whole potato that made it into a bag of potato chips.

10. A mango that tells you when it's ripe.

11. This chile pepper that looks like it's laughing.

12. This lobster claw that's growing another mini claw.

13. This chicken egg that looks like it has a nipple.

14. A Papa John's pizza that came with the cooking plate still in it.

15. Eight grapes that fused into one.

16. This meat vending machine in Germany.

17. This sea salt that came with a tiny shell in it.

18. A coconut that comes with a pull top.

19. These old candy hearts shaped like floppy disks.

20. This artichoke that bloomed.

21. And this hot dog bun that got the "best before" date printed on it.