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31 Ways To Make Chipotle Employees Hate You

"Hi, how are you doing today?" "A bowl."

Everyone loves Chipotle, but that doesn't mean you know how to go to Chipotle and not be a jerk. Here are some tips for not sucking at everyone's favorite burrito chain, courtesy of Twitter and Instagram.

1. Request extra everything.

2. Try to get away with free guac.

3. Overshare.

4. Lump your salsas together.

5. Be ignorant of what a tortilla is.

6. Pay zero attention.

7. Pay as little attention as possible.

8. Say this:

9. Fail to comprehend the sour cream.

10. Or the barbacoa.

11. OR the guac.

12. Or anything.

13. Go on a burrito binge.

14. Order your tortilla on the side.

15. Be a jerk.

16. Try to use this coupon.

17. Cross boundaries.

18. Turn the toilet into a Lite Brite.

19. Go in the out line.

20. Act shocked when you have to pay extra.

21. Bring up your dietary restrictions.

22. Refuse to do math.

23. Refuse to read.

24. Show up super late.

25. Put soda in your free water cup.

26. Order this:

27. Be a high teen.

28. Abscond with a napkin stash.

29. Demand taco meat.

30. Order from the "secret menu."

31. Just generally be a butthead.