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    This Is The Alleged "Secret Menu" At McDonald's

    The dollar menu may be dead (RIP), but you can still allegedly order these top-secret McDonald's items.

    1. The Pie McFlurry

    2. The "McGangBang"

    3. The "McCrepe"

    4. The "Mc 10:35"

    5. Biscuits and gravy

    6. Neopolitan milkshake

    7. The "Land, Air and Sea Burger"

    8. The "Monster Mac"

    9. The "McKinley Mac"

    10. Grilled Cheese

    11. Root Beer Float

    A McDonald's representative declined to comment on specific menu items to BuzzFeed, saying:

    "Our fans like to customize our menu in many unique ways. It's important to remember that participation varies from restaurant to restaurant as McDonald's franchisees are independent business owners."