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    This Is The Alleged "Secret Menu" At McDonald's

    The dollar menu may be dead (RIP), but you can still allegedly order these top-secret McDonald's items.

    1. The Pie McFlurry

    "Order a Pie and a McFlurry. Next, ask them politely if they could blend it in with your McFlurry of choice for an amazing 'Pie McFlurry.'"

    2. The "McGangBang"

    "Request a double cheeseburger, and have a second bun placed between the two pieces of beef. Inside of this bun rests a McChicken patty."

    3. The "McCrepe"

    "Order some hotcakes, and a yogurt parfait. Ask them to scoop the fruit on top of the hotcake along with granola."

    4. The "Mc 10:35"

    "Order a McDouble and a regular egg McMuffin. Omit bread from the McDouble and stick those patties and cheese right into the McMuffin."

    5. Biscuits and gravy

    Allegedly, some McDonalds locations will give you this.

    6. Neopolitan milkshake

    "Simply walk up to the counter and ask for a 'Neapolitan Shake,' which is vanilla, chocolate and strawberry blended together."

    7. The "Land, Air and Sea Burger"

    "Ask for a Big Mac, a McChicken and a Filet-O-Fish burger to be put on the same bun."

    8. The "Monster Mac"

    "Just ask for a Big Mac with 8 beef patties – and you’ve got the Monster Mac."

    9. The "McKinley Mac"

    "Walk up to the counter and ask for a 'McKinley Mac.' If they are unfamiliar, tell them that you want quarter pound patties in your Big Mac."

    10. Grilled Cheese

    Obviously: "Ask for a bun with cheese in it, grilled, instead of a burger patty."

    11. Root Beer Float

    "Ask for a scoop of vanilla soft serve in your root beer."

    A McDonald's representative declined to comment on specific menu items to BuzzFeed, saying:

    "Our fans like to customize our menu in many unique ways. It's important to remember that participation varies from restaurant to restaurant as McDonald's franchisees are independent business owners."