27 Things Vegetarians Get Really Good At

For everyone who celebrates Take Your Box of Veggie Burgers to the BBQ Day.

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1. "Where's Waldo"-ing the hidden meat in pasta salads.

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You have become the Annie Oakley of spotting bacon in potato salad from three miles away.

3. Bringing your own veggie burgers to your friend's cookout.

{casually slides MorningStar patty onto grill as far away as possible from hamburgers}

6. Eating a LOT of pasta at restaurants.


13. Eating before you go to a wedding.

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Because the dinner will mostly likely look like this, and when you get four champagnes deep on an empty stomach, bad things happen.

18. Assembling a cute plate of side dishes at Thanksgiving and holidays.


25. Bringing home an A+ farmers' market haul.