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30 Things Librarians Love

Check out the cool stickers I just put on my book cart!

1. Pointing out that you have to have a master's degree to be a REAL librarian.

2. Metadata.

3. Ranting about the increasing value of paper books in an e-printing world.

4. Using bookmarks instead of dog-earing pages.

5. Tea. (Just NOT near the books. Please, not near the books.)

6. Editing catalog records.

7. Naves.

8. Non-traditional libraries.

9. Provenance.

10. Scaring your co-workers in the stacks.

11. Complaining about patrons.

12. Leftover food from panels.

13. Galleys.

14. Being territorial about your cart.

15. ...and customizing it.

16. And book cart drill teams.

17. Protecting the First Amendment.

18. The difference between LC and Dewey Decimal.

19. Being a better search engine than Google.

20. Understanding what an archivist does.

21. First editions.

22. Rolling their eyes when someone says, "So, are you a SEXY librarian?"

23. Complaining about book rot getting everywhere.

24. ALA tote bags.

25. Harry Potter.

26. Going on vacation to visit really badass libraries.

27. Funny socks.

28. Making fun of the old card catalog.

29. Boolean search logic.

30. Defying librarian stereotypes, including probably some of the things on this list.