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The First Time You Ever Got Drunk

Youth and wine coolers are a powerful combination. Here, BuzzFeed staffers spill their stories of their first times imbibing a little too much. Tell us yours!

1. "I was in my weird neighbor's basement. All he had was straight gin or milk (yes, milk) and kahlua. I drank both, which was a disgusting thing to do. We listened to the Shakira CD that had hips don't lie on it. I still cannot drink gin to this day."

2. "Milwaukee's Best at sophomore prom after party."

3. "Smirnoff Ice -- raspberry flavor. I iced myself! I was visiting my older sister at Tufts, at a party with 'cool college kids.'"

4. "My first drink was in a college dorm. We all split a bottle of 99 Bananas. I remember shouting, 'I drank an entire 'na!' because of how the label looks."

5. "Frozen mango margaritas — like, two of them."

6. "The summer before I went to college. I poured myself a CUP of chocolate vodka, because I didn't know you were supposed to mix it with something. I just kept drinking it like it was water."

7. "I got drunk on A COFFEE MUG of raspberry vodka my freshman year of college."

8. "In the basement of my friend with the biggest house and the least-aware parents, with four or five friends, and I put half a shot of cheap vodka in a cup of Fanta."

9. "I think it was tequila; I know it was during The Big Lebowski."

10. "Bacardi 151. It was in Florida."

11. "My second night at college, my roommate and I went to a boy's dorm with some friends and we all did shots of raspberry vodka. I pretended like I had done it before because everybody else seemed to be so used to drinking."

12. "Country Time lemonade (the powder!!) and Absolut vodka."

13. "My uncle 'accidentally' poured me a full solo cup of Budweiser from his kegerator during an Ohio State game when I was pretty young, because I was curious what his cool contraption was. My parents were NOT pleased."

14. "Irn Bru (a Scottish soft drink) and Jack Daniels."

15. "At a house party in high school with maybe 15 people. My friend and I did shots of vodka (ewwww)."


16. "I was a kid and down in the country with some relatives who were shucking oysters and drinking beer. they gave me one, and when I started choking -- which was apparently hilarious -- they gave me a beer to wash it down."

17. "I had friends over in the basement while my parents were out. We took liquor out of my parents' liquor cabinet but tried to pick the bottles they never touched, so ended up drinking straight triple sec (which none of us realized is not a thing you do)."

18. "The first time I got really drunk was playing Mario Kart 64 with my friends; we had drinking game involved, anytime you came in last you had to take a shot of tequila. Things got out of hand pretty quickly!"

Tell us yours in the comments!!